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Untitled-1 America’s Restaurant Gallery — Achievements & Artifacts of our Industry

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Your story is part of our shared story. Please contribute an image of an iconic artifact, a story or memory and its associated imagery such as brand identification materials, e.g., signage, first menu, mascot, etc. – refer to representative samples on this site. Share items that highlight:

  • Your entrepreneurial spirit
  • A contribution to the business, social, or cultural landscape and vitality of America
  • Positive community impact
  • A business success story
  • Your role in providing diverse career pathways and advancement opportunities to people of all backgrounds and at all stages of life.
  • An innovation that transformed your restaurant or reshaped the restaurant industry, perhaps by:
  • Harnessing a trend
  • Bringing a new idea to life
  • Introducing a new way of thinking
  • Creating or advancing a technology, business model or system to improve the guest experience and enhance industry efficiency

Multiple submissions are encouraged to ensure the online Gallery is continually engaging, surprising and full of diverse content about our industry – distinctive memories, historical information, iconic milestones, achievements and imagery.

All proposed items will be reviewed by the NRAEF team. If accepted, a digitized version of the artifact will be added to the online Gallery.

Please complete the form below. Provide your contact details; a 200 word (maximum) description of your story, artifact or item; and attach a high resolution photo.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Wendi Safstrom,