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Nathan’s Famous Replica

Nathan’s Famous

Nathan’s Famous is a piece of New York history. The brand got its start back in 1916 when Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker opened a hot dog stand in the city’s bustling Coney Island neighborhood, selling hotdogs for a nickel made from a recipe created by his wife, Ida. Over the years, the brand — and chain — grew, attracting famous customers like Eddie Cantor, Barbra Streisand and Jerry Seinfeld — who featured Nathan’s in an episode of “Seinfeld.” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously served Nathan’s hotdogs to the King and Queen of England when they visited him at his upstate home in Hyde Park, N.Y. in 1939. Nathan’s became so interwoven with the idea of the hotdog itself, many Americans referred to frankfurters as “Coney Islands.” Shown here, a replica of the still-standing flagship Coney Island location.